A “computer,” you say? Tell me more about this “typing” and these “interwebs.”

Yes, believe it or not, I do still exist. Fuck my life, I really let this thing sit around for a while gathering dust, didn’t I? Well, bollocks to me and my lazy face. I have a bit of time before I go to work, so I’d best get cracking on a halfway decent return post. First, by way of apology, a video present.

I don’t know when Jimmy Fallon decided to abandon his “guy who cracks up during every SNL sketch” persona for “guy who does best impressions of rock singers ever,” but he has my full endorsement. This is even more impressive when you consider this video, taken from The Doors’ Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

Un-friggin’-canny, right?

Anyway, so what the hell have I been up to lately? To rattle off the highlights in (not so) brief list form:

– Got an internet connection for the apartment

– Purchased an XBox Live Gold Account

– Celebrated my 27th Birthday

– Received a Limited Edition Beatles Rock Band from my baby for said Birthday

– Found most zen coffee shop in known universe

– Read my way through the Years 1-4 of HP, then watched Rifftrax of same

– Traveled to Arkansas for a microsecond, only got to hang out with a fraction of the people I wanted to

– Accompanied my lady to Lenexa, KS Municipal Court as the result of a ridiculous ticket

– Baby Carrots celebrated her 24th Birthday

– Caught up on Doctor Who

– Took a sudden interest in soccer (or, as everyone who isn’t American calls it, football)

– Played the new Batman game

– Baby Carrots got a sweet gig as a gluten-free, vegan baker at a theatre very near our apartment

– Got a bicycle from parents for Birthday

– Made many, many cups of coffee

As you can see, it’s been a bit of a layabout time for me lately. This has more than likely contributed to the lack of updates. However, I hereby pledge to man up and crank out some material. I think my gal and me will probably manage a trip to Arkansas sometime around Christmas as well, for those who are curious. This trip, I intend to start the visits with people I missed out on last time. Pablito War-Mountain, the Furious Micks, Back-Alley Trey, and St. Sandwich Control, you are top of the list.

Awright, I didn’t have much of a plan going into this, so I’m going to call this good enough for now. Next post is story time, with pictures and everything. For you see, there is an item I left off the list of adventures I’ve had recently. A wondrous quest, indeed, dear reader. This boy right here? He and his lady went to motherfuckin’ Monday Night RAW. Here is a picture to set your expectations by:

It's okay to be awestruck.

Until next time, Snap into a Slim Jim. Oh yeeeaaahhhhh.



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4 responses to “A “computer,” you say? Tell me more about this “typing” and these “interwebs.”

  1. It is good to have you back.

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