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Wow. The wondrous land of Internet. I just watched the first episode of Power Rangers on Netflix, then popped on over to Wikipedia and did some (lazy and non-scholastic) research. Here’s a snapshot of what I learned:

–  Red ranger is kinda chillin’ out, showing up for conventions, and whatnot. He could also probably kick your ass in the real lifes.

–  Green ranger has had four MMA bouts and could definitely kick your ass in the real lifes.

–  Blue ranger is now a television producer, and had a hell of a time coming to terms with his homosexuality for a couple years after he left the show.

–  Yellow ranger died in a car accident about ten years ago.

–  Black ranger is doing voice acting and bit parts here and there; evidently he was on a commercial recently.

–  Pink ranger is on a very successful Canadian cop show and has put out a few albums of original music. So there.

Commercial (he’s about sixteen seconds in):


And that's what I learned on the!

Something too much of this. In the meantime, I have been busy cleaning up around the new digs. Progress is being made, but there’s work to be done yet before it looks like a place where people may reside. My baby’s out making money (tip your servers!) while I play homemaker this weekend. Tomorrow, my great job hunt begins. The lady and I had a very pleasant evening yesternight in Westport. There was a food truck festival featuring several eateries from around KC, and beer from Boulevard Brewery to boot. We even had funnel cake, which I don’t believe I’d tasted since the last time I went to Kay Rodgers Park. Damn, that was a while ago.

It seemed I had other matters to talk about on here, but my time would be better spent getting things spic and span, not to mention making sure my resumes are in order before I go out looking for work. Maybe I’ll take a tip from this morning’s childhood reverie and yell out my goals as I accomplish them, like the Red ranger used to.

“Organize the bookshelves!”

“Do the laundry!”

“Invest in a mop!”



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  1. Other people in the world are watching this tyrannosaurus video. Like 9 hours ago someone commented. Ultraman will always be better than the MMPR. Always.

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