Cardboard boxes, furniture, dust, lots of dog hair, and even more driving.

Welcome to Kansas City, motherfucker! MF Mann, Fa, and I loaded up the family van Friday morning. The van pulled into Kay-See in the early afternoon. There was, in an early draft of the moving plan, an insane notion that we would unload the van and immediately return to the Fort, whereupon Baby Carrots and myself would return in my car. This is more than twelve hours of contiguous driving. Therefore, it is a dumb idea. Luckily, the lady convinced us to abandon work for the rest of the day in favor of hitting up the local pub/microbrewery. It wasn’t a hard sell.

Load-out happened the next day, and the return voyage to Fort Smith on late Sunday night. BC and I had an impromptu last breakfast at Benson’s early Monday morning; after roughly 4-6 cups of coffee, I felt prepared to make the final leg of the journey.

Oops! My lady just returned from work. Hold this thought for me, would you? I shall pick it up later.


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