Oops! Firefox has encountered a problem and immolated itself.

This would be the brief summary of what is happening to me on the interwebs lately. I’m downloading updates and doing anti-virus steroids in an effort to fix the problem. In the meantime, here’s an incredibly brief post.

My boy Clarence Clemons passed away on Saturday night. In his lifetime, he was a big ‘n beautiful black man who played saxophone for The Boss. They used to kiss onstage, too. So that’s pretty wacky. I’d look for a photo, but I can’t risk the internet exploding again. More on this subject later.

Psychonauts has been defeated! Fucking amazing game. I think it’s available for download on Steam, for all you PC folk. Seriously, play it. Hell, watch someone else play it. It’s that entertaining.

Any way, this week has been crazy busy and needlessly complicated, so I’ll get back to you later. With any luck, tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

There we go. Hot man love.


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